Technology Consultant

Intelligent Infosys – A Technology Consultant

We are a technology company that knows business and provides the leverage when acting as a business consulting firm that knows technology.

Creating IT strategy for you

When it comes to optimizing the business, it needs multiple skills and competencies combined with technology-driven business solutions.

Our well-honed capabilities and methodologies for IT services optimize and align our clients’ business strategies with technology initiatives.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning.
  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • Manufacturing Execution System.
  • Product Lifecycle Management.
  • Human Capital Management.
  • Vendor Management Solution.
  • Quality Management.
  • Supplier Relationship Management.
  • E-Commerce Establishment.
  • Social Media Exploration.

Transforming your business analog to digital

Imagine a business with unstoppable momentum – the best of human creativity and flexibility in partnership with the power and depth of digital workforce technology.

  • Ensures that the software processes and products conform to the specified requirements, standards and procedures.
  • We have been developing set of QA guidelines for business processes based on the best industry practices and quality standards.
  • Our dedicated QA team undergoes quality improvement trainings and strives towards customer satisfaction, Process review and improvement from Quality Consultants.
  • Adherence to established requirements, standards and procedures are evaluated through process monitoring, product evaluation and testing.
  • Creation of quality conscious work environment.
  • These activities enables us to measure, assess and enhance the company’s functions ensuring efficient performance and high quality project implementation.

It isn’t a front-office or a back-office issue

Create, Deploy and Monitor bots across the enterprise irrespective of Front-Office or a Back-Office.

  • Testing.
  • Strong Document Management.
  • Code Inspections and Review.
  • Bug-tracking System.
  • Configuration Management.
  • Process Monitoring.
  • Periodic Project Review.
  • Risk Management.

Going beyond your enterprise boundaries

Ensure the most efficient use of all available resources with minimal switching costs that helps to go beyond enterprise boundaries.

  • Strong project management practices.
  • Efficient process.
  • Complete documentation.
  • Prompt response.

In memory computing, Big Data – Surely a key factor

The database has been designed and developed to work in an intelligent scenario based on IDs and their references to give fastest processing of results and minimal data population eliminating chocking and redundancy at all levels.

Private Cloud could be a cost effective solution

Private cloud isn’t just about cutting costs for enterprises, it’s also about generating efficiencies and seeing a return on investment.

  • Easy access through Internet/Broadband.
  • Accessibility from anywhere around the globe.
  • Prompt servicing through internet which is certainly low in cost.
  • Immediate updates without delay.
  • No virus threat to the database on the web server.
  • No threat of data being stolen or misused by employees or authorized users.
  • No downtime due to any Hardware failure at your end.
  • Multi-user- Can be used by any no. of users connected to internet simultaneously.