How It Works?

Client’s benefit from seamless coordination across strong quality orientation, cross-technology expertise and distributed Project management capabilities.

We understand the methodologies to implement ERP successfully

The general connotation is that a large number of ERP fails. An analysis has attributed the failure for the following reasons

  • Lack of trained manpower.
  • Commitment from the user towards usage.
  • Resistance of the user towards implementation.
  • Lack of training & support from the vendor.
  • Lack of Infrastructure for the user.

Know which Change Management methodology is right for your business

There are various reasons why change management initiatives fail within organizations. In most cases, organizations fail to realize the amount of effort and commitment such initiatives require

  • Not Understanding The Reasons For Change Management.
  • Unclear Vision Behind The Change Initiative.
  • Not Engaging The Correct Stakeholders.
  • Roadblocks And Showstoppers Are Not Tackled.
  • Lack Of Planning And Frameworks.

Understanding of Digital Transformation

With digital analytics adoption as a use case for digital transformation, a typical four step roll out strategy might proceed as follows

  • Organizations first recognize they need to use data to guide strategy and tactics.
  • To achieve this, they implement digital analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.
  • IT then sets up the platforms and digital analysts arrange the reports.
  • Finally, reports are sent to stakeholders and the data becomes available.

Benefits of Intelligent Infosys

Analyse ERP solution as per business process which brings tangible & intangible benefits

  • Cycle time reduction of information availability, executing transactions and realization leading to informed decisions.
  • Reduces Cycle time of processing, information gathering and negotiation cycle etc.
  • Capable of electronic communications internally (inter department) as well as externally (vendors and buyers)-minimizing paper transactions.
  • Alerts & Alarms, Works as an assistant having well defined task to do with outstanding and overdue jobs reduced staffing levels.
  • Fast communication at economical costs extendable to a web based solution to have global Access with real time information round the clock (24×7).
  • Respectively lower cost of implementation. Flexible in terms of ease of Customization and Scalable in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

ERP is the ultimate solution for your business

An in depth analysis of infrastructure, manpower and management capabilities is required before proceeding with the decision to implement an ERP system

  • Our need based management solutions are compact sophisticated designed packages, state-of-the-art web technology aims at bringing absolute quality in management.
  • The system focuses on excellent coordination between enterprise, subscribers and providers using electronic intranet documentation systems & corroborates the motto of being “Client Centric”.
  • We provide online integrated information of subscribers to the enterprise enabling transaction with trading partners through seamless connectivity with robust security and privacy features.
  • The technical features and solutions are aimed at providing unlimited “Scalability” and “end to end” customer service operations.
  • We understand the reasons of failure and provide a complete solution and support with its unique Execution Methodologies to have a satisfactory implementation.
  • Our ERP solutions are flexible enough to be adapted to change in business process and are customizable as per your requirements.

How We Work

We have a firm grasp on business and technology. Our forbearance to understand your business in accordance with the technology makes our product indubitable

  • We provide adequate training for the modules offered.
  • Based on industry standards MSPL has already incorporate the best business processes, but if you still feel a customization is required then our experts evaluates & suggests you the solutions accordingly.
  • The data conversion is also facilitated through automated tools built by our technical members.
  • MSPL provides implementers/product experts on very realistic charges who understand the business well and are acclimatized with frontline ERP in & out. They take responsibility for the success and eradicate your burden of implementation.
  • Integration with any existing legacy system shall be handled on case- basis and charges for the same shall be quoted on request.