Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Artificial intelligence is rapidly finding its path into industrial and manufacturing contexts. Even AI is being applied to conduct high-frequency transaction in the stock markets. AI is now becoming easy to forget just how surprisingly complex they are. AI has a great deal to propose the world of technology and engineering. Most exciting and prospective uses of artificial intelligence are within the engineering industry.

To reply the question of what artificial intelligence is and what is the today’s term means, we need to understand what constitutes intelligence. It is not as simple as most of the people assume it should be. For an example, how about if you consider all animals to be intelligent? Or to have intelligence?

Some are there, such as octopuses, cats and even dolphins among others, shows high levels of intelligence. When comparing two different animals, such as a rat and a gorilla, there are a number of reasons that scientists can find and measure their relative intelligence. But objectively defining and measuring intelligence is a critical task still.